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Anika Jakobsen

How many years have you played basketball? – 8 Years
Personal basketball goal for 2007 – State! To become a better defensive player and learn how to play “The American way.”
Best BHS basketball memory? – Being welcomed with open arms.
What have you done to meet your community service graduation requirements? – I coached basketball in Denmark.
Activities outside of basketball – Ready and Walking
Hang-out spot – Sara and Justin’s nice, soft, wanting to stay forever couch.
Song – I like all kinds of music
College basketball team – The huskies
Book – Pride and Prejudice & The Harry Potter books
Quote or Saying – “A Chain is as strong as its weakest link.”
Plans after high school – Finish high school in Denmark. Then Study psychology and eventually be a psychologist in doctors without borders.
Message for your parents/guardians – Sara, Justin and Tallyn: Thank you, Thank you for opening you home to me and giving me the opportunity to learn about American culture. I could no have found a better host family. Mom, Dad, Bjorn and Steffen: I love you! Thank you for your endless support and for letting me go. I cannot wait to see you in March! Knus mus.