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Anika's Blog-Part 2

A day has gone by with no news from us, here in San Diego. I apologize. A little miscommunication led to no blog yesterday.

So here is what happened Thursday, December 27, 2007.

Our first game was at 10.30, so we had to get up early. We started the day off with cereal and bagels in Coach Karen and Coach Netzs’ room – which is also our dining room every morning and when it is lunch time. After our meal, we had not much time to get ready before the bus left. We made it though, and waited in the bus for 10 minutes before it left the hotels parking lot, the reason we had to wait for so long is because we were sharing the bus with our opponents.

The hotel we are staying in is a very nice one. Each room has two queen sized beds, a TV, two chairs and a bathroom, but of course with four girls in one room you can hardly see the beds or the chairs under the piles (and piles) of clothes and other belongings, taking up every possible free space there is.

Thursday we played against Houston, Alaska – that is to say, we played against girls who wrestle polar bears and moose and other kinds of giant, furry animals in their spare time. So we were prepared to play hard. And we did; it led to our first victory here in sunny San Diego. The score was 66-15.

Back at the hotel it was lunch time (and after a bagel or two) followed by study time. Finally study time ended and coaches decided it was time for dinner. We had to eat early, because we had the video room at 6.30, so we could watch some film of our next opponent, and have a little team talk.

The other reason we had to eat early was because of the karaoke competition that started at 7 o’clock. Theresa opened the competition with a song to her Ballard Beavers – “I will survive”, and for a very long time number one, until another girl came along and sang her way into the heart of the only judge. But Theresa did not back down by the voice of her opponent. Instead she stepped up and sang a most enchanting version of Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” – and T. we will always love you too! Alas, it was not enough, and she had to settle with second place. It might sound like T. was the only Beaver represented in the karaoke competition, but she was far from being alone. Destiny’s Child – a.k.a. Molly, Vange and Yo – stopped by and so did Journey – a.k.a. Vange and Jen – with “Don’t stop believing” and we certainly never stopped believing that they were the real Journeys.

It was basically bed time right after karaoke, so we all had a good day with our first victory, and the entertaining karaoke competition.