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Christmas Day 11 players, four coaches and one manager headed out for the San Diego Surf n’ Slam tournament. We met up in the airport two hours before our flight, where we checked in and revealed our secret Santa’s, which we have had for the week leading up to San Diego.

While waiting to board our plane, which was light blue and had Minnie Mouse on it, a nice lady from Alaska Airlines came and asked for Evangeline Spracklin with the message that she had a wheel chair for her, to escort her to her flight. Vange did not need a wheel chair, so it went to another lucky fellow. 

The flight to San Diego went smoothly, and we all arrived to California in good health. To some of the Ballard people it was a pleasant surprise to find the weather somewhat warmer, than the snow we had left behind in Seattle.

After our arrival we went to the hotel, and after being divided into rooms, we went straight to bed, exhausted after a day of much excitement.

The following morning, quite early, the team met up in coaches room for a little morning gathering. Here, we got the plan of the day, and how we were expected to look during breakfast. So after having made ourselves look presentable, breakfast was waiting. After the first meal of the day had been eaten and a couple of hours had past, everybody met up in the lobby dressed in walking attire, ready to do some shopping. We walked for a short time, in the sunny, warm weather of California, to get to Sears, where the team bought snacks and decided which kind of cereal we wanted. To Theresa’s disappointment the Frost Flakes were turned down by Coach Jess, and the traditional Corn Flakes chosen instead.

After Sears it was time for lunch. Wendy’s, being approved by the coaches, was the place we went, accompanied by a huge shopping cart, containing all the water, snacks and cereal, pushed by Kayla.

Returning to the hotel, it was study time, and after the precious hours devoting to studying, we will have a fun workout run with Coach Jess.