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Ballard 48, Rogers 39

February 27, 2008 8:37 PM

Girls final: Ballard 48, Rogers 39
Posted by Zach Landres-Schnur

1:10: Ballard responds with a mini 5-0 run to get the lead back up to nine, 48-37.

2:18 4th: Jones hits two free throws and Rogers is within 6, 43-37.

Bellarmine leads Richland by nine with about 1:30 to play on the boys court.

3:50 4th: Jones hits two of two free throws to cut the Ballard lead to 43-35.

4:30 4th: Kasahun makes a free throw. Ballard by 10.

5:25 4th: Spracklin just puts in a lay up for Ballard to extend the lead to nine, 42-33.

We'll bring more updates from the boys court as they come from our reporters on that side of the curtain.

7:09 4th: Back to the line goes the Rams, who are staying in this game at the stripe. Jones misses the first, makes the second. Ballard leads 38-31.

7:22 4th: Chelsea Campadore makes one of two free throws. Rams trail 38-30.

End of third quarter: Ballard 36, Rogers 29.

16.8 3rd: Nix hits a layup for the Rams. They're within seven.

42.8 3rd: Nichole Jones sinks two foul shots. Ballard by nine, 36-27.

1:08 3rd: Rogers' Julia Nix sinks two free throws. Ballard by 11.

End of the third quarter on the other quarter: Bellarmine Prep 50, Richland 50.

Ballard fans made the commute south well. One of the biggest student sections for a girls game today.

3:58 3rd: Hansen hits a shot. Beavers lead 34-21.

6:04 3rd: Another Ballard hoop makes it 32-19.

7:15 2nd: Spracklin for two for Ballard and a 30-19 lead.

On the boys court, Richland leads Bellarmine Prep 36-35 at halftime.

Half: And that's our halftime score: Ballard 28, Rogers 19.

30.0 2nd: After a good pass from Kayla Williams, Brianna Green gets to the line where she makes two of two and gives the Beavers a 28-19 lead.

1:55 2nd: Alexandria Lawrence hits one of two free throws for Ballard, to extend the lead to 26-18.

2:00 2nd: Rogers hits a jumper to cut the deficit to 25-18.

2:55 2nd: Ballard 25, Rogers 16.

3:00 2nd: Sorry! We've had connectivity issues. But we're back!

3:09 1st: Ballard now leads 10-7 after a few free throws.

5:49 1st: Kasahun at the line, makes one of two to give the Beavers a 7-4 lead.

5:30 1st: Ballard opened on a 6-0 run, but Rogers has scored the last four.

Starting lineups:

Ballard: Evangeline Spracklin, Yordanos Kasahun, Jeanette Hansen, Kayla Williams, Brianna Green.

Rogers: Jordan Startup, Julia Nix, Natalie Murphy, Kiara Martinez, Bailey Williams.