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Kentwood 46 vs. Ballard 57 -- FINAL

February 29, 2008 5:17 PM

Kentwood 46 vs. Ballard 57 -- FINAL
Posted by Zach Landres-Schnur

Final score: Ballard 57, Kentwood 46.

This one's pretty much in the books. Ballard pulls what many will consider an upset.

Kentwood's gone to the full-court press, but Ballard has been able to break it. Kayla Williams at the line for two...hits two. Ballard 55-44.

1:55 4th: Some KW free throws make cuts the deficit to seven. Ballard leads 51-44.

3:55 4th: Kayla Williams drills a three for the Beavers. Ballard by nine, 47-38.

4:25 4th: Hansen sinks a pair of free throws for Ballard, to up the lead back to six, 44-38.

4:31 4th: Moore again, this time she fights inside for two. Ballard by four, 42-38.

5:25 4th: Moore does her best Michael Jordan impression, leaping from the free throw line and laying in the ball nicely. Ballard 42-36.

6:35 4th: Kentwood, which was a frigid 2-15 from the floor in the third quarter, finally buys a basket. But Ballard has an answer on the other end. Beavers 39-32.

7:28 4th: Hansen nails a jumper from 10 feet. Nice lookin' shot, too. Ballard by five, 35-30.

End of 3rd: Ballard 33, Kentwood 30.

3:33 3rd: After some KW free throws -- surprise, more free throws! -- Ballard's lead is cut to three, 33-30.

5:33 3rd: Kayla Williams just drilled a three from the top of the key. Ballard by four, 28-24.

Writes in a Ballard fan: "The Ballard fans are on their way - the school buses didn't show up on time (an hour late) and they're fighting their way through traffic." Well that explains the eight fans!

Halftime: Ballard 25, Kentwood 24.

38.6 2nd: A field goal! Just kidding! More foul shots, of course. But they're good for the Beavers and Ballard leads 25-22.

1:25 2nd: Lots of fouls. Kentwood sinks one of two and trails 23-22.

2:47 2nd: Moore hits two more from the stripe and cuts the Ballard lead to 20-19.

3:16 2nd: KW hits some free throws to cut the deficit to three, 20-17.

Halftime on the boys court: Edmonds-Woodway 24, Foss 13.

The Kentwood cheer squad has some chants I'm not familiar with. That's refreshing on Day 3 of the tourney.

6:50 2nd: Molly Magee of Ballard just took a shot from Federal Way...and it's good! NBA range, folks! Beavers lead 18-16.

Lindsey Moore sure is quick. Just when you think you have her stopped, she finds another avenue to drive. Though she missed the layup. That's supposed to be the easy part!

7:56 2nd: Courtney Johnson hits one of two free throws to knot the score at 13.

That Ballard band is awesome! Loud, in sync and passionate. If only they would play, "Hey, Baby."

End of 1st: Ballard 13, Kentwood 12.

1:37 1st: Until Alexandria Lawrence hits a shot on the next possession. 12-10 Beavers.

2:01 1st: Lindsey Moore connects and we're tied.

2:47 1st: Ballard's on a mini run and has a 10-8 lead.

Ballard's fans, well, Ballard didn't bring too many fans. Eight students are cheering, including one who is preooccupied with a text message. Unless he's telling more Beaver fans to come, that's unacceptable. It's state basketball, man!

4:20 1st: Amanda Johnson buries a pullup jumper that touches nothing but the bottom of the net. Kentwood takes the lead, 7-5.

6:01 1st: Kelsey Jenkins connects for KW on a steal and a lay in to cut the Beaver lead to 4-2.

7:52 1st: Ballard's Jeanette Hansen scores the first four points of the game and Ballard's up 4-0.

Kentwood's in black with green trim and Ballard's rocking the white with red. Two schools who got things right with their color schemes.